Presley's newborn session - Aurora, IL photographer

Look at this chunk! I love big babies like Miss Presley because I get to see all the rolls. It’s one of my favorite things!

This lovely family chose my standard newborn session, which was done in my home studio in Aurora. I love doing sessions here because I get to do lots of poses since I have all my props here. And we were lucky enough to have nice weather and even got to do some pictures outside!

It was so nice to meet this family, I wish them luck on their move and new adventures!

Miles' newborn session - Aurora, IL newborn photographer

Man, I have the best job! 

It was such a great experience photographing Miles for the first time. He was a dream baby! I've never had a newborn sleep so soundly through the whole session. 

I'm loving the colors we used, too. Gray, blue, and yellow, oh my!

Congratulations to my friend Ashley on this beautiful bundle of joy!

Janie's newborn session - Aurora, IL newborn photographer

What a lucky lady I am to get to hang out with adorable babies all the time!

Little Miss Janie was a dream to photograph and I loved using a bunch of different wraps to swaddle her up for her photos. In-home newborn sessions are my favorite because we can get so much variety. Here, we got family and sibling pictures and so many different shots of Janie. I used my fuzzy rug, the beautiful wooden bowl on their nice hardwood floors, her nursery for some lifestyle photos, and the beanbag for some more posed shots. 

Congratulations on another beautiful girl!

Willow's newborn session - Aurora, IL newborn photographer

Oh, Willow, you are a beauty! It was so nice to meet this doll and her parents, who are just head over heels for her already. Even though she was three weeks old at the time of our session, she was just incredible! I love how these turned out :)

Genevieve's newborn sessions - Aurora, IL photographer

This little girl is probably the most awake baby I've ever photographed. Look at those eyes!

I loved the chance to meet Miss Genevieve and her family at their home in Oak Park. Doing in-home sessions makes it so much easier for parents to relax and get back into comfy clothes once the family poses are done. And I love that I get to do a little bit of everything since I basically bring a whole studio.

Welcome to the world, Genevieve!

Grace's newborn sessions - Aurora, IL photographer

I feel so lucky to have such photogenic family members! My husband's cousin and his wife were blessed with this beautiful baby Grace and I was honored to get to photograph her. I had a ton of fun doing something a little different by going for a lifestyle look in this session. I love the simplicity and clean look.

Congratulations on your beautiful girl, Matt and Audrey! <3

Parker's newborn session - Aurora, IL newborn photographer

Holy cuteness! Miss Parker is so adorable! I loved the chance to meet her and her siblings at their home in St Charles right before Christmas. 

I was lucky enough to have this adorable pink chair to use in her session, which went perfectly with the crown for Princess Parker. And I love how the lifestyle shots came out with her in her crib!

And come on, if you're born in December, I'm sorry, you're getting Christmas pictures in your newborn session. It's just gotta happen!

Merry Christmas baby Parker and Happy New Year!

Olivia's newborn session - Aurora, IL newborn photographer

This little lady... she's amazing! It was hard to stop taking pictures of her because she was just so good and did everything I wanted. Lucky me!

I went to Olivia's house when she was 9 days old for her newborn session. This was right before Christmas so of course we had to do some Christmas pictures and I love them! This little hat is just the cutest thing ever. The teal blanket and headband are new to me and I love how the colors turned out!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Miss Olivia!

Ellis' newborn session - Aurora, IL newborn photographer

Can you believe how cute this baby is?! Man, I love my job!

Miss Ellis came to my home studio for a small session after I put out a model call looking for a baby girl. I'll be hanging one of these in a midwife's office in downtown Naperville. Everything in her office is purple, so I had a good excuse to buy some new stuff! 

I love how this purple blanket and headband turned out. The bowl is a new prop, too, and I love how it looks with the romper (I made that out of an old blouse!). Ellis was awesome, too, and I'm so glad with how these turned out!

Braxton's newborn session - Aurora, IL newborn photographer

Oh. My. Goodness. Braxton was seriously the best baby I've ever photographed. I don't think he cried once during our 2 hour studio session. He did poop on my blanket, but that's to be expected and I won't hold it against him :)

His mom signed up for the model session I advertised and brought him in when he was 10 days old. I wanted a new baby to use as advertising for something I'm really excited about - the midwife I had when my daughter was born is moving to home births and opening a new office in downtown Naperville. I asked her if she'd be interested in hanging some adorable baby pictures in her new office and she said yes! And then I ended up with this totally adorable perfect baby and I couldn't be happier.

I was excited to use this new wood floor backdrop and the cute little bucket I put him in :) And since we couldn't really use fancy headbands on this boy, we got a good excuse to bust out the bow ties! And of course I can't help myself but do some basic newborn poses on a simple neutral blanket - it's kinda my thing ;)

Congratulations, T family! You're new bundle of joy couldn't be sweeter!

Kinzie's newborn session - Aurora, IL photographer

Do you see how cute this baby is? Man, I love my job!

For Kinzie's newborn session, I went to her house with basically an entire studio. But since we were in her home, we were able to do pictures in the nursery and get family pictures in their living room. I love being able to incorporate more lifestyle images into my sessions and especially when big siblings are involved, it's nice that they can just go back to playing once they're done with their photos. 

So we got family pictures in the family room, lifestyle pictures in the nursery, and then all the posed pictures on the beanbag, basket and flower bucket were just done in the living room. Lucky for me they have beautiful hardwood floors that make a good backdrop!

I was so excited to have a newborn girl to work with after all the boys I've had recently. I love using soft pinks and purples along with some neutral colors.

Welcome to the world, Kinzie! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful family and awesome big brothers that love you :)

Everett's newborn session - Aurora Newborn Photographer

What a sweet boy! Everett was amazing for our in-home session. At only 9 days new, he was already a professional model :) I loved being able to do these pictures in their home so we could get a new family picture in front of their new house as well as all the cute posed beanbag images I love.

Everett's Fresh 48 - Aurora Newborn Photographer

Our big family has been waiting for this boy and HE'S HERE! And man, oh man, is he cute! He looks so much like his big sister. I loved doing a Fresh 48 session for my cousin at the hospital where she delivered. I love the chance to capture those precious moments and now we'll be able to look back at the first couple days. I am so looking forward to photographing their in-home session next week! 

Aurora newborn photographer - logan's newborn session

This baby boy was so great! He went right to sleep and let us take a ton of pictures. I love that we were able to get a studio look for his individual photos; but because we were at their house, we were able to do some more lifestyle photography in the bedroom as well. Merry Christmas, Logan!

Aurora newborn photographer - mini newborn session

This sweet little girl is number four! We just needed to get a few pictures of her by herself while she's still a newborn and she made it pretty easy. Gotta love those cheeks!

Aurora Family Photographer - Lifestyle family session in Joliet

When family visits from out of state, of course we have to do pictures of their new baby! Sweet Adeline is 2 1/2 months old and SO full of joy. I really enjoyed doing a lifestyle session at the house, I love getting all those emotions in the photo. And cousin Fiora happened to be visiting too, so of course Grandma had to get a few pictures of herself with both her grandbabies. I can't wait until their next visit! 

Grace's Newborn Session

She's here! I was so excited to hear that she was a girl, because that meant I got to use all my pink and purple stuff :)

Miss Grace was such a perfect model for her newborn pictures and Sister Ella is so in love with her! I was able to get some shots of Ella kissing her new love and we got family pictures, too. Newborn portraits are my absolute favorite thing to do and having a baby like Grace to photograph makes it even better :)

Bradley Newborn

Hooooly moley this boy is adorable! He was such a great little baby model and slept through pretty much the entire session. He let us get family pictures, a few with his awesome big brother Theo, and then plenty of Bradley alone. This is why I love doing newborn pictures!

Wise Family

This family is so sweet! We had a beautiful day for maternity portraits at the Springbrook Trail in Naperville. Little Theo was such a great model! With a toddler already and a baby coming soon, this family is about to be very busy; I can't wait to do their newborn pictures!